Salmon Creek Ranch
PO Box 266, 1400 Bay Hill Rd., Bodega, CA 94922 mail box
(707) 876-1808

To order, you have three options:
1. Click here to get to our ONLINE STORE.
2. CALL US at 707-876-1808
3. EMAIL US the following information:
1. Calculate the cost of your order:
1. Choose the number of dozen eggs desired (2, 4 or 6 dozen).
2. Select your total cost*, based upon time zone.
2. Next, send your request to with the following:
          1.  Name
        2. Shipping address
        3. Telephone number
        4. Preferred payment method (Credit card or Pay Pal)
        5. Number of dozen eggs wanted

3. You will receive confirmation by email or phone with payment instructions.

*Cost includes eggs as well as extra time and materials required to safely pack eggs to reduce breakage & ensure freshness.
Two dozen
duck eggs
Four dozen
duck eggs
duck eggs

Select your TIME ZONE below and then look up your
SHIPPING RATE on the chart to the left.

*Duck Eggs
Shipping Zones & Cost

Pacific Standard Time
Mtn Standard Time
Central Standard Time
Eastern Standard Time

To caluculate your cost, add the cost of the eggs to the shipping cost for your zone.

We accept Pay Pal, Credit Cards, Checks or Money Orders.
* Handling includes the cost of packing materials and time it takes to prepare each box for shipping and then taking it to the shipping office (which is quite a trek from our remote ranch). Padding is carefully placed around each egg within a cardboard egg carton and then each carton wrapped in a bubble-wrap sheath. Cartons are then packed in a specially- sized shipping box along with additional packing materials to prevent breakage. It takes a long time to prepare each box. If any eggs are damaged to the point of being un-useable, let us know upon receipt and we will refund you the cost of the egg.
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