Salmon Creek Ranch
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Our Kiko Bucks
Past and current.......
WMB Mingo
SDF Sundusk Crockett's Pride
AMK 811 (Apache)
These are the guys either behind our girls or are current sires. We are proud of what they are producing!

 Beginning in 2008, Salmon Creek Ranch has produced 100% purebred AKGA registered Kiko Goats with bloodlines going back to the original imports from New Zealand through Goats Unlimited stock. More recently, we've incorporated some 100% New Zealand bloodlines into our pedigrees.
Our goats are free to roam on over 400 acres of natural forage (certified organic) and we cull any goat that does not meet our rigorous standards:  easy kidders, devoted mothers with plenty of milk, parasite resistant and relatively trouble free.
Our keepers are those who kid unassisted in the pasture and raise kids without our interference. We breed for meat production and occasionally, have premium breeding stock for sale, either with AKGA registration or without.

For current listing of available goats, go to: GOATS FOR SALE

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