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                                         Kiko Goats For Sale - 2023
Our goats are 100% purebred Kikos, pasture-raised on the Sonoma County coast in California. The 2023 crop was born in late March/early April and represent our 16th year of breeding Kikos. Each Fall, we go through a rigorous evaluation and culling process, keeping only the does that are easy keepers, kid without intervention and raise their babies entirely on their own. This year, we have a good selection of kids, most are twins with some singles from first time moms. Registration is available with the American Kiko Goat Association. Our breeding animals have been tested negative for Johnes and CAE and we vaccinate against CL. Birthweights, 90-weights and ADGs are available upon request. Prices for breeding stock quality kids (3-6 months old) are $400-$575, commercials start at $300. Ready to go starting mid-August 2023. Reserve now.

                    at 3 weeks
goat kids
Kids at 3 weeks
Goat kids at 3 weeks

Our goat kids, all 1-3 weeks old Our goat kids, all 1-3 weeks old
Our goat kids, all 1-3 weeks old
Our goat kids, all 1-3 weeks old
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