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Pet Treats

We provide grass fed, free range, human-grade treats for the discerning pet owner. These are made from the same USDA inspected meats so enjoyed by our human customers and are quality tested by our own resident team of canine tasters. Our treats contain no preservatives, flavoring, additives, antibiotics, growth hormones or any other non-natural substance. We ship.
Raw & Dehydrated

liver, kidney or heart (dehydrated)
3 oz package
liver, kidney or heart (dehydrated)
3 oz package
Goose feet (dehydrated)
1 foot
neck (raw)
package of 4 necks
$5.00/4 necks
feet (dehydrated)
1 foot

Salmon Creek Ranch Products

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Duck Eggs

Goat Meat

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last updated: 9/15/20