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      Goat Meat For Sale
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Our goat
meat is from young, free-ranging New Zealand Kiko meat goats raised on Certified Organic pasture without medications, GMO's, growth hormones or treatments of any kind. The meat is vacuum packed to ensure quality and freshness. Shipping available.
Whole carcasses (butchered or unbutchered), live goats and Kiko Breeding stock also available.




Leg of Goat, bone in
   WHOLE GOAT Whole carcass Butchered*
Shoulder roast, bone-in $12.99/lb
   Small (less than 40 lbs liveweight) $155 $215
Rib chops $16.99/lb
   Medium (40 - 80 lbs liveweight) $250 $310
Loin chops $16.99/lb
   Large (over 80 lbs liveweight) $325 $385
Breast, bone in $11.99/lb

Stew, bone in $11.99/lb

Ground goat meat $11.99/lb
   LIVE GOAT (Commercial grade)

Neck $9.99/lb
   Small (less than 40 lbs) $125

Shanks $9.99/lb
   Medium (40 - 80 lbs) $225
Liver, kidney, heart, tongue $6.99/lb
   Large (over 80 lbs) $300
Bones $3.50/lb

Merguez Goat Sausage (Morrocan) $15/4 pk

Last updated  1/15/18           
                            * Butchering includes USDA or CDFA licensed inspection, vacuum packaging and labeled retail cuts. 
To order:
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Email us.
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