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It is rare to find a true naturally raised  meat duck as it involves a lot more work & land than conventional production. However, we believe the extra time and effort is worth it for a superior result. The ducks are happier and they eat a much more varied diet, which is what nature intended. Each year we produce a small number of meat ducks on our organic certified pasture for sale as whole duck, boneless breast or leg/thighs. They are USDA processed, frozen and each piece vacuum packed for freshness. Shipping available and delivery be arrangement along the US 101 corridor between Petaluma and San Francisco. We also allow farm pick up and are at the Santa Rosa Certified Farmers Market on most Saturday mornings.

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What do "Free Range" and "Pastured" Really Mean???
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About Our Ducks

We raise Pekin ducks for meat production. Our ducklings arrive on the ranch as day old chicks. Once they are out of the brooder and don't need extra warmth, we put them out on open pasture where they spend their days sunning themselves, playing in water and hunting for tasty morsels to eat and are protected at night by our livestock guardian dogs. They never receive artificial growth hormones, antibiotics or other additives and they eat a variety of pasture grasses and weeds, along with locally produced feed containing a mix of grain, minerals and vitamins. The difference in flavor between a pasture-raised, freely-foraging bird and one that has been confined inside a barn its whole life and limited to only grain is an experience well worth trying. 

Ducks in the pasture with guardian
              dogWhat do "Free Range" and "Pasture Raised" Really Mean?
Did you know: Nearly all poultry sold in the US as "Free Range" merely satisfies the minimum USDA requirement for "access to the outdoors". They are barn-raised birds with doors open for part of the day to a tiny outside yard, usually smaller than the crowded indoor space where they spend most of their lives, fed and watered with automated equipment.  Even most so-called "pasture-raised" poultry spends its entire life in small 10x12 ft moveable cages. Our ducks, by contrast, are free to waddle and forage unfettered throughout large tracts of natural, organically certified pasture during daylight hours. They have access to shelter if they want it, but usually prefer the outdoors as they would in their natural habitat.  At night they are protected from predators by our livestock guardian dogs (photo at right).

    Processing & Packaging: Our ducks are custom processed at a USDA licensed facility without preservatives of any kind and vacuum-packed to retain freshness. (A blind         taste test by chefs at a famous Bay Area restaurant showed no difference in quality or taste between our fresh or frozen duck).  The dressed weight is in the 4 to 6 lb             range.  Ducks are sold whole with liver, heart and gizzard contained within. We sometimes also have leg/thighs and breasts available.

How to Order:
E-mail or call us at (707) 775-9604
We accept checks, credit card, cash or Pay Pal.

Shipping and Delivery Options: Pick-up is available on the ranch or at two local Farmers Markets. Delivery can sometimes be arranged to local destinations along the US 101 corridor, between Santa Rosa. A small delivery fee may be charged, depending upon the distance.  We also s
hip our ducks anywhere in the US.

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*Certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers 
   page last updated: 4/7/2023