Salmon Creek Ranch
PO Box 266, 1400 Bay Hill Rd., Bodega, CA 94922         (707) 775-9604  

Our Kiko Goats

We produce pure-bred Kiko goats and goat meat utilizing our natural brushy pastures which are a goat's dream environment.

When we bought our ranch on the Northern California coast in 2007, the pastures had been overgrown with blackberry, coyote brush an
d other invasive species. We decided to try goats to clear the land to make it more productive for cattle and sheep. We reviewed the various goat breeds and settled on the Kiko, a meat breed originating in New Zealand. We chose this breed because of its reputed low maintenance: easy keepers, few birthing or hoof poverviewroblems, good mothering instincts, parasite resistant and a meaty carcass at the end of the day. We started out with with bloodlines going back to the original imports from New Zealand through Goats Unlimited stock. Through the years, we have incorporated some outcrosses into our pedigrees, including a few 100% New Zealand bloodlines. Predator control is an essential part of managing small ruminants and we use Anatolian Shepherds to keep our herd safe, whom we also show. And although we did get cows, we never did get those sheep!

BUCKS - Past & Present

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